Extracting reads for a single chromosome from BAM/SAM file with samtools

It is rather easy to extract the reads corresponding to a specific chromosome from a BAM file using SAMtools.

First we create the index file (BAI) for the BAM file with the following command:

samtools index HG00096.bam

The previous command will generate the file


Then we extract the data for specific region, for example chromosome 20.

samtools view -h HG00096.bam chr20 > HG00096.chr20.sam

(For Illumina BAM files, for example the ones from 1000 Genome Project, use only ’20’, without ‘chr’)

If we need to have a BAM file intsead of a SAM file, we can convert the SAM to BAM with:

samtools view -bS HG00096.chr20.sam > HG00096.chr20.bam

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