Progress-bar in python

Today I needed a progressbar for one of my python scripts. After looking for some sophisticated tools like the package progressbar I decided to try by myself something less complex.

The following code is the compacted-result:

from time import sleep
import sys

for i in range(21):
    sys.stdout.write("[%-20s] %d%%" % ('='*i, 5*i))
    # Do the n-iteration of the job here 

    # The job was finished, let them know
    sys.stdout.write("[%20s] 100%%: Donen" % ('=' * 20))

So… I use the sys.stdout.write instead of the print and I combine it with the character \r. With that I place the cursor at the beginning of the line and then I rewrite the whole line.

At the end I redo the same adding the message Done after the progressbar.


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