Confirmation when system shutdown on Openbox

Today I was installing openbox to my Linux Mint. I wanted to add a slot into obmenu called Exit to turn off the computer but asking me how:

Exit Message

The picture above is the result. The way I created is us trough gxmessage, an alternative to xmessage. This tool allows us to create little question boxes using gtk.

So I created abash script with (~/scripts/ having the following content:


gmessage "The system will be shut down. Are your sure?" -center -title "System Shutdown" -default "Cancel" -buttons "_Shut down":1,"_Reboot":2,"_Log out":3,"_Cancel":4 > /dev/null 

case $? in
        sudo shutdown -h now;;
        sudo shutdown -r now;;
        killall openbox;;
        echo "Exit";;

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