Obtaining CHR for a large list of SNPs

I had a file containing ~1M SNPs in their rsid (and their position). I needed to complete the information with their chromosome.

Since the list is really large I use scan combined with a bash command (to know the length of the file).

I found this solution:


## Create connection to big file
inputName <- "input_file.gen"
outputName <- "output_file.gen"
inputCon <- file(description = inputName, open = "r")
outputCon <- file(description = outputName, open = "w")

## We need to know the number of lines of the big file
## This will work for GNU/Linux environments
command <- paste("wc -l ", inputName, " | awk '{ print $1 }'", sep="")
nLines <- as.numeric(system(command = command, intern = TRUE))

## Loop over the file connection until end of lines
pb <- txtProgressBar(min = 0, max = nLines, style = 3)
for(ii in 1:nLines) {
  readLine <- scan(file = inputCon, nlines = 1, what = "list", quiet = TRUE)

  ## Get the chr from the SNP
  x <- tryCatch({
    x <- rsidsToGRanges(readLine[[2]])
  }, error = function(e) {

  ## Update on list and save on output
  readLine[[1]] <- x
  writeLines(paste(readLine, collapse = " "), outputCon)

  setTxtProgressBar(pb, ii)


This solution is really slow but it gets the SNP’s chromosome and fills it as "---" when the SNP is not found in dbSNP.

WARNING: The SNP’s rsid must be located into the second column of the file. Take a look at readLine[[2]] in the for.

I am open to know different ways of doing this.


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