loadxls: an R package for easy reading/writing data.frames from/to Excel files

This last week I used lost of Microsoft Excel files that I need in my R scripts. Hence I discovered the excellent and complete package XLConnect. But, for easy and fast working, its not the best solution.

So I codded a wrapper of XLConnect, calling it loadxls that allows to read and write Excel files in an easy way.


The R package loadxls can be installed from its github repository with:


It implements only 4 functions: read_all, read_sheet, write_all and write_sheet.



read_all(filename, environment = parent.frame(), verbose = TRUE)

This functions reads a given Excel file and loads each sheet as a data.frame in the current environment. The created objects will have the name of the sheet.


read_sheet(filename, sheetname, varname, environment = parent.frame(), verbose = TRUE)

This functions loads, instead of the full content of a file, only a given sheet. If the argument varname is supplied, the object loaded from the given sheet will take its name.


write_all(..., filename, verbose = TRUE)

This function writes all the objects given though ... to a new Excel file, saving each objects as a new sheet.


write_sheet(data, sheetname, filename, replace = FALSE, verbose = TRUE)

This function allows to save a single object to and giving the name of the sheet where it will be write.


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